It all started from the belief that women’s clothes have one single purpose: not a practical or even aesthetic one. Clothes exist for flattering women. Fine silk as lining to compliment the softness of your skin, custom buttons that no one else can match, manually painted materials to achieve great colours, experimental textiles to catch up with the times, hand embroidered fabrics that mix old and forgotten techniques with new methods of metalworking, glassworking and other innovative ideas.

The essence of Ruxandra Gheorghe resides in creating dream-like characters in a story by all means. Women become sculpturesque apparitions in this story. Collaboration with artisans and experts in various technical fields is necessary to make the detail as real as possible.

"I believe in stories, I believe in fantasy and I believe in fashion as a form of art. As any other form of art, fashion is all about once upon a time and what comes next to capture that carpe diem feeling. In my work, I aim at rendering all this in a daring manner. It is all for women since for them the ant trapped in the resin of a button makes all the difference. There are a lot of magazines and stores, the offer for women being so large that they always strive for more and search for the new. We step in to encourage the appetite for that special something no one else has."

We support the idea of showing off and of being front in order to promote a daring attitude. Starting from the concept that everything is possible and everything can be used, since there is no right or wrong, no beautiful or ugly, we let ourselves be driven by audacity. Even questionable taste can be salty and peppery, turning into a surprise element in a mind-blowing combination. Accidents can become a positive factor in the process of producing the show.

Experimenting is an important element: we work with items that have not been used before in quite the same way and we improvise on recipes that are no longer traditional. It is all about loving what we work for and dreaming of outcomes that can always get better.